Occasionally, I get so excited about something that I can’t  stop talking about it.

My friends and I have discussed how I have the knack of inspiring people.

That sounds wonderful, right? Like an attribute?

Not always. Like the seed that falls on shallow ground, inspiration is easy to grow. It even looks healthy. Until the sun comes out. And then suddenly, it withers or even dies.

Inspiration is easy enough to come by. But enduring passion is something that must be fought for. Something unnatural.

This is another thing that I’m learning in this whole minimalist journey. The fewer hobbies or passions I have, the more I will actually invest in those hobbies.

Let me show you what it means for me.

For a long time, I had many hobbies: card-making, sculpting, painting, playing piano, singing, writing poetry, writing prose, cooking, gardening, knitting, reading, learning sign language, sewing, photography, and many more that I can’t think of.

Sound overwhelming?

It was.

And my life always felt too full to fit everything in.

That’s because I was trying to fit too much in.

With a little direction from friends and family, I’ve discovered what I really want to do, and pared down that list.

Currently, my main hobbies are : playing piano, singing, writing prose, and learning sign language.

That doesn’t mean that I don’t cook. That doesn’t mean that I don’t knit anymore.

It just means that I don’t have that as such a high priority. I still have my knitting things. And, of course, I still cook supper (Chicken Parmesan on the menu for tonight).

But I am seriously considering getting rid of my card-making items and my painting supplies. It has been about a year since I’ve done either of those things and I don’t really miss them.

Also, along the minimalism trend, I finally researched what financial papers I need to save and how long I should save it. And the best part? I had a whole trash can full of JUNK papers. I have never been so happy to see things go. Just be sure that if you can’t burn them (like I did, since I live in the country), shred them before tossing them. So freeing. I actually lugged my bag out to the brush pile and stood there in the 30* weather with a happy smile, just watching it burn.

My desk is finally cleared off except for the car insurance bill that I need to pay and a paper for the play that my youth group is doing. It’s marvelous. In a clean space, I can think. I can process.

And I’m beginning to realize that I am not the messy one as I always believed. Next to my OCD neat-freak sister, I probably still am the messy one, but I refuse to believe that her obsessive neatness is normal.

So that’s what I’m up to these days. Cleaning, clearing out junk, minimizing.

*Disclaimer: I do not consider myself a minimalist. I suppose I’m more of an advocate for simple living. But minimizing is a good thing. And oh, so rewarding. But if you want to see what real minimalism looks like, check out here or here.


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